Guest Post: On Record

By Tariq Fadzin


Segala apa yang kita taipkan, katakan, videokan secara online ini, pasti ada tersimpan rekodnya di suatu tempat. Apa yang kita tengok, apa yang kita search, walau diclearkan... memang tak ada orang nampak, tapi ada authority yang simpan.

Kalau tak percaya, cuba la buat jenayah online. Tunggu la depa korek keluar semua nanti.

Key point is, all this data boleh direkod kerana kita berinteraksi melalui gadget kita di suatu alam yang dinamakan alam Internet. Depa tak boleh rekod apa yang kita cakap di dalam hati, ataupun apa yang kita cakap secara offline.

Tapi, kalau kita online saja, semua benda depa rekodkan. Even benda yang aku taip ini...


Sekarang kita berada di dalam alam kehidupan ini dan kita berinteraksi dengan dunia kita melalui gadget kita yang power nak mampus yang dinamakan tubuh badan dan pancaindera kita.

Badan kita ni kenderaan saja woii. Yang membaca apa yang aku tulis ini sekarang bukanlah 'kenderaan' tetapi 'pemandu'. Kalau 'kenderaan' yang membaca, lidah kena gerak, mulut kena buka, angin keluar masuk paru-paru kena control.

When you are silently reading this sentence, you are reading it in your own voice without using your mouth, and you are listening to what you have read without using your ears.

You, my friend, is a 'driver'.

Somebody of authority is certainly recording everything.

  • Friday, December 16, 2016

Big Bad Wolf Dec2016

Last year when I walked into BBW, I was soooo overwhelm with feelings I couldn't explain.
I love being surrounded by books (no, I'm not a nerd) - because it is an evidence of the infinite wisdom of knowledge available to human being, yet it is just equivalent to a drop of sea water in comparison to the vast ocean. I believe - in heaven, there is an endless massive state-of-the-art library and archive as access to part of Kalamullah.

This year, the feeling is still the same! I love it!
Each year I tried finding the best time to go i.e. less crowd and I finally figured the best time is early in the morning. Start your journey right after Subuh, have an early breakfast.
I think the crowd is definitely lesser on working days, but I won't sacrifice my off-day anyway.

This year I went on the 2nd day (it was weekend)... I started at 8.30 AM and didn't even realize that I stayed until almost 4 PM!!!

It is even better this year - the books, the setting, the trolleys provided, the selections and location of food and drinks. I officially went CRAZY (and broke!) at the children's section!

I brought a small trolley with me just like previous years, well, this year TAK MUAT - had to use their shopping trolley instead! Filled it up with children's books! It's like only 15% of the books are mine. The rest are for my daughter, nephews & nieces, birthday pressie for friends' kids etc.

I love my grown-up collection, but I was and still excited about the children's books, honestly!
I feel like I'm grabbing them for myself (sebab dulu masa kecik takde buku-buku best macam ni).
I even bought a sticker book for myself! Jangan gelak! You would want it too!!
Credit (Click image for details)

When I went through it all, I came up with an idea for book review posts!
I love 'em all and I'd like to tell you why!

These are my criteria in choosing children's book:
1. Age/skill level appropriate.
2. Typography/font.
3. Graphic/illustration/interactivity.
4. Theme.
5. Price vs quality.

Yes, I always keep the age/skill level in mind when it comes to books, but I do buy some 'tougher' books if they were really good and I'd keep them till the time come by :P
Too fancy typography/font is always the deal breaker - even if the book theme and illustrations are great, it's not appropriate for early readers.
I always buy books with engaging graphic/illustration/interactivity.
Who doesn't love adorable picture books, flaps books & pop-ups books?!
My favourite themes are mostly on love & compassion, aircrafts & airports and how to view our surroundings differently. I love when the books try to portray the real side of this world/life.
I do consider as to whether the price is appropriate for the quality,
but it's BBW we are talking about, price vs quality is almost irrelevant! 

Hurry, head up to MIECC@Mines, from 9th to 19th December 2016.
It is open 24 hours a day.
  • Tuesday, December 13, 2016

MAYBANK Debit Picture Card

Since Maybank ATM/Debit Cards have to be changed to the new enhanced card by end of this year, I was so thrilled when I saw someone shared the steps to customise Maybank Debit Card in my FB newsfeed! Truthfully, the excitement feels exactly like we were the kids ordering cute name cards a couple of decades ago (still remember/keep those?). 
It's great to personalised the card (with additional fee of RM 26.50 though) but I don't want to be so corny putting a selfie or family photo - as we'll be handing it to the cashier most of the time 
-  so I opted for a photo of an aeroplane taking off at sunset (courtesy of Google Images)!

However, on top of the fee - it has to be picked up from limited branch
(but you can have your selection) after 14 days as compared to the default replacement card
- which is delivered to you for FREE.
And the quality of the card is such a disappointment!
The printing is not as sharp as the normal card.

If you would still consider the option,
you may personalised your Maybank Debit Picture Card here!
  • Friday, December 09, 2016

Soooo, I missed the trip!!!

Well, to cut things short as I am somewhat contempt to elaborate it in details -
I was diagnosed with dengue fever the night before the flight took off.

That's about it.

Well, yeah - I was feverish on Tuesday but I steadily made an appearance to the office because I had a bunch of things to clear off before I left for a fortnight. So 3 days rule, I went to check my blood on Thursday but my platelet count was 160k (dengue would be lower than 120k) so we thought it was just a normal viral fever. I was relieved and still turned up to the office on Friday (such dedication despite the fever, I LOVE MY JOB obviously). But the Doc did highlight that my normal platelet count could have been 450k so 160k is rather low.

I was fully recovered on Sunday (or so I thought) but I was soooooo nauseous I couldn't eat anything. I was feeling lethargic due to lack of energy as I was not eating (or so I thought, again). I was thinking of getting the medicine for nausea as I was hungry therefore I would want to eat and I definitely need it for the long flight.

Since Brazil Border Security requires prescription for all medication that we carry, I went to the clinic on Sunday night to request for it. Then it was all clear when the Doc pointed out that the nausea and lethargy are obvious signs of dengue despite me recovering from fever. It was an indication that the body is lack of water. I was told that the most critical stage of dengue is when the fever subsided. How come nobody ever mentioned this important info??? I should have done my own research but I was so occupied with stuff, I let it slipped.

So I had my blood checked again, the stat was so low, the machine can't even read it.
On the third trial, my platelet reading was only 42k. So I was referred to the hospital,
and it was A's birthday to say the least. Such a great present I gave him :P

So, as I was told -  the most critical stage of dengue is when the fever subsided - I was put on drip, warded the same night, asked to drink a couple of huge jugs of water, measure and record my intake and output (urine), drink more water - and still my platelet went down to 38k the next morning. So this is what dengue does to you. Lower platelet, means higher hemoglobin count thus the hematocrit (viscosity of blood) is higher. Lower platelet, means any injury (internal or external) is harder to recover leading to 'denggi berdarah'.

I wouldn't take the chance, eventhough the team is waiting for me to samba together.
It's not about conquering my 5th continent but missing the learning part of the trip is the thing that I feel most disheartened about. I is redha. Allah surely has a reason and better plan for me.

I was discharged after a day and a half, was given MC for 9 days, asked to rest well and go for another blood test a week after. My platelet rose up to 500k!
And I am as fit as a fiddle.
  • Wednesday, December 07, 2016

5 out of 7!

It's end of the year and my wish has been granted...
I'm not going on a winter travel!

It's gonna be summer instead!!
Heading to southern hemisphere.
Insya Allah, will be stepping to my fifth continent.
We're going to Brazil!

The final 2:
Africa, someday, may be.
Antartica is close to impossible, though.

Malaysia is 10 hours ahead of Sao Paulo.
  • Friday, November 25, 2016

Susah hati jadi pilot

*troll title Suri Hati Mr. Pilot.

I once had a chance of having a small talk over coffee during morning break at a working group workshop with the first Malaysian female fighter pilot, Captain Emilia (no, not Earhart). 
She is now retired from Air Force and serving the civil side in DCA. 

I was surprised when she told me she said no when her son wanted to be a pilot. She told him to consider other option. Despite the high-flying very reputable handsomely paid profession,
why would a mother who is a pilot herself would say no to it?

I initially thought she was concerned with the risk
(silly me, she IS the first Malaysian female fighter pilot and her son requested to be the commercial airline pilot - what comparable risk I'm talking about???)

People have the perception of being a pilot as awesome and cool, but just like the rest -
it is just another job (high-paying ones). However, it is not all rainbow coloured unicorns.
She described of being confined in the cockpit hours on end when she finally realized that she didn't want to spare all her working life in that cramped space. Well yes flying is fun and awesome until you have collected thousands of flight hours and the age is catching up,
the control panel is the last thing you would want to face up all day. She even pitied her friends who are aging and still desperately (not passionately) flying.

So, why - I asked.

Because flying is all they know - and the pay has been so good you wouldn't look elsewhere
even if you feel too old for it. It's too late to catch other skills and even if you do have any other special skill, you wouldn't be paid that well. So technically, they are trapped in the cockpit and the profession. (Aren't most of us?)

It reminds me of our cool lecturer Colonel Ramli who taught us Flight Mechanics & Dynamics. We were so impressed with his flying ability but he cut it out by saying as a matter-of-factly
"After some time (when you get used to it), it is similar to driving a lorry!"
- his way of saying it isn't that complicated and he was not boasting even a little bit.

Real pilots don't say things like "I ada lesen kapal terbang, takkan la I takde lesen motosikal"
or "I tak takut tinggi lah, kalau tidak I tak la jadi pilot...  I bawak kapal terbang tu lagi tinggi."

Someone pretty much good at being the flight attendant instead :P
No offense FAndom.
(May be the scriptwriter is the one at fault :P)

#bukanpilot #bukansuriharimrpilot
  • Friday, October 28, 2016

It's been quite some time...

...since I last went on duty travel - I think it's about time that the task cycle is approaching. I dread the idea of having all the things in my to-do list being put on hold - means right about now I should get my hands on them instead of this blank post page (I knowww).

But this is also my happy place.
I have right.
To be happy ;P

The last trip was early this year to... (checking my IG feed because I can't hardly recall that honestly) Delaware for highly customized/personalized aircraft modifications review in Aloft AeroArchitects (previously known as Pats Aircraft Systems).

Guess who was it for!

We stayed nearby Rehoboth Beach and it was not a fun beach resort (if that's what you're thinking) since it was winter with subzero temperature! The hotel we were staying was like 15-20 minutes walking distance from two blocks of factory outlets but we couldn't even endure two minutes of standing outside the building let alone attempting to walk in that weather!
Yeah, no picture to convince you anyway :P

But the best part was the seafooooddd!!! Had crab cake first time in my life and I think it had fulfilled any form of crab craving in my lifetime. And I had huge skinned prawns on daily basis just right from Walmart frozen section at a bargain. Just pour 'em all in the Brahims (or the other way round) - great. comfort. food. in freezing weather. 

Now October is ending. Can I skip winter travel, boss???
I need space in my luggage. 
And it's not meant for winter clothing.
  • Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3 years ago

A couple of days ago, this photo popped out in my FB memories timeline dated 3 years ago.
Wow, it feels like it has been more than that! 
It was one of my first few trip when I was assigned under my current unit.

The trip was intended for aircraft type validation exercise where we had 4 days meeting with Eurocopter (now known as Airbus Helicopter) in Marignane nearby Marseille in France for AS350B3 Écureuil (Squirrel) helicopter.

That photo was taken just outside my hotel in Aix-en-Provence.
It was old phone resolution, hence the quality :P

I've been to other part of France (Airbus center in Toulouse), yes some of the man are good-looking, but in Marignane - they look soooo. much. better! I was smitten at every corner of the road and in their every presentation session just feasting my eyes to the great God's creations.
(I wish Blogger has some embedded emoticon so I can put in how my face looks like as I'm writing this!)

So, when I returned, our office pantry clan asked me about the best part of the trip - and of course I said it. The goooood-looking man of Marignane. Haha. They are hunky and handsome,
and the best part was they kiss each other's cheeks when they meet.
I was describing it excitedly and I got various reactions!
"Of course they are - they are descendant of Nabi Yusuf AS."
"You know why they kiss each other? ~
They are the descendant of those Nabi Luth AS was sent for."
"Hello, there's no culture in the world that have men kissing each other even on the cheeks,
if they are not family members!"

But in my defense, I do honestly think it's a cultural behaviour and they are really loving bunch of people - to love their friends and colleagues that much to have pecks on each other's cheeks! One holding spanner and the other holding screwdriver - kissing on the cheeks when they bump into each other! Just like how we ladies do it.  They didn't look like the 'suspecting ones' as they did it to some close friends. And everybody is doing it, young and old. 

Anyway, the second best part was of course Eurocopter assembly lines. They brought us to two buildings next to each other where they have the 'squirrels' in the first one. The place was newly renovated to accommodate their new process upgrades (lean concept) where they have multiple assembly stations in sequence for the product (helicopter) and the product moves as it completes the assembly line/cycle. With the efficiency of the lean process, they managed to increase their production rate significantly. 

The second building housed the bigger helicopters named 'dolphin' (AS365 Dauphin) where they have their conventional assembly process in which a few helicopters sit in their respective location and the processes move around it. Admittedly it was messy and the difference is obvious, but eventually the line will be upgraded to lean process as well.
They also have some obscured area where they build military helicopters.
It was highly confidential we didn't get to have a peek.

Nonetheless, imagine this - a bunch of handsome hunky men assembling helicopters. 

I told you!
  • Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Lalala I'm in love...

Sometimes I forgot how simple thing can make me this happy.
Yes, I do feel like pouring out more often now.

I think I'm done with the code tuning, it was kind of messy initially having forgotten
'the how' and also how rewarding it feels  getting things worked out. Some cool widget has to wait until it'll be good to run it. I guess it will stay like it is for the next seven years
(or forever because I'm never deleting any layout I did in the past).

I was searching for free responsive minimalist layout when I started this and upon downloading, a prerequisite question prompted out - "What is your biggest challenge in blogging?"

And I answered - "The guilt feeling spending time writing despite my endless to-do list!"
There you go. Like honestly.

But I think I gotta sorts all the things in my head by letting them out. It always occur to me that all the repetitive lightbulb moments should have been documented here (just to clear of my head of certain topics) . But what about those bunch of reports, requirements, reviews, emails replies, chores and errands that are chasing after me???

Here I go again.

p.s. : Just for the record - yellow or this golden tint is never my favourite colour. But it worked sooo well with my favourites B&W!

p.p.s. : Told you pink is not my thing, but it just work wonders (for my old layout).

Well, scientifically all the colours mixed together is WHITE, sir.

Here's to a new start. Happy New Year. Salam Maal Hijrah.
  • Sunday, October 02, 2016

Fresh start, y'all!!!

Hello. WOW.

Never thought I'd come by this stage, but somehow here I am.
New, fresh, crisp white.
Just like how I think it should be.

The old layout was dated (I've maintained that for more than seven years!!),
it has been quite sometime that I'm considering a change (I was sooo attached to it).
Change the link, put it on private and will definitely import all the relevant posts.
Now with this change, I hope I'd refresh my desire in updating ;P

More tuning needed though.

Will. Be. Back.

  • Monday, September 26, 2016

My brain-game

I've been using a new route for more than a month now
and never did I notice how beautiful everything is until I played my brain-game. 
I changed cities like I own it,
calling out all the towns I know like I'm there. 

I started noticing the bright yellow leaves, sitting benches, 
aged shady trees, uniquely designed pole - just to name a few.
It makes me wonder where my mind has wandered all these while.
I rarely look passed the cars in front of mine. 

I did not notice the bunch of benches for the past one whole month!
The benches reminded me of my solo trip to Narita when I thought
how thoughtful the Japanese to have sitting benches around the neighbourhood.
Well we do have them around too - if we look hard enough. 

We hardly care about the brand of the cars driven in foreign land, 
thus why we are so concern back home? Who drives what, 
which elite township our friend's house is located. Like c'mon!

It is a different set of eyes that we use while we are travelling
when we look for things to observe. To be impressed, to be inspired.
Why aren't we doing the same thing here in our own land?
We are hardly aware of our own surrounding, feeling like we are so deserving of what it can offer - well until it is taken away from us. 

I think we should be a traveler/tourist in our own place.
Let us feel unfamiliar to our daily surrounding and we shall 'see' more.
  • Monday, May 09, 2016

Renew our perspective

It started with a clip of a moving train
when I was reminded of how powerful our brain is.

We can change the direction of the train going in or out of the tunnel
just by telling ourselves whether it is going in or going out.
How amazing.

This morning, when I was driving to work - in the most beautiful and blessed district in the country - I was again reminded of how I used to tease my brain to imagine the places I am at.

It was more than half a decade ago, when I was weary of my surrounding - workplace, the to and fro congestion (though it was less than half an hour) - I started imagining I was not where I was.

You know how our brain tied up our feelings and emotion to the places we have been,
whereby when you return to the place - you will have the same feeling that it is 'the' place.
Let me simplify that.
Say if you go to Melaka, your feelings will be different than your feelings when you are in Johor. Or Tesco and Giant. Something in you know it is not the same place.

That is the game I play with my brain. 
I tried telling myself I am somewhere else.

Back to more than half a decade ago, desperate of a new surrounding -
I had to condition my brain that I was in one; in occasions.
I remember seeing a couple of leafless bare trees by the side of Federal Highway
and imagining I was somewhere else (with four seasons) and it was autumn.

It didn't stop at leafless trees, you see. It became a routine whenever I see things
and tell my brain I was somewhere else. It made my day.
I was happy with the feelings it entailed. 

Eg. When I'm in Teluk Intan, I'd tell myself I'm in Rembau.
If I was in Mid Valley, I'd tell myself I'm in KLCC. 
See how different it feels.

And then the good things happened, where I have completely forgotten of my own brain game, when things turn into reality and I don't have to keep imagining.

The power of imagination.

This morning, I was not weary of my surrounding.
However, I have became so used to my surrounding that it is hard for me to be grateful for it.
And I started telling myself I am somewhere else.
Manhattan, Stockholm, Mumbai.

And it was beautiful.

p/s: Well, I could have said - Alor Setar, Kluang, Dengkil.
But I'm sure y'all would get the gist, wouldn't you? ;D
  • Tuesday, April 26, 2016