Renew our perspective

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It started with a clip of a moving train
when I was reminded of how powerful our brain is.

We can change the direction of the train going in or out of the tunnel
just by telling ourselves whether it is going in or going out.
How amazing.

This morning, when I was driving to work - in the most beautiful and blessed district in the country - I was again reminded of how I used to tease my brain to imagine the places I am at.

It was more than half a decade ago, when I was weary of my surrounding - workplace, the to and fro congestion (though it was less than half an hour) - I started imagining I was not where I was.

You know how our brain tied up our feelings and emotion to the places we have been,
whereby when you return to the place - you will have the same feeling that it is 'the' place.
Let me simplify that.
Say if you go to Melaka, your feelings will be different than your feelings when you are in Johor. Or Tesco and Giant. Something in you know it is not the same place.

That is the game I play with my brain. 
I tried telling myself I am somewhere else.

Back to more than half a decade ago, desperate of a new surrounding -
I had to condition my brain that I was in one; in occasions.
I remember seeing a couple of leafless bare trees by the side of Federal Highway
and imagining I was somewhere else (with four seasons) and it was autumn.

It didn't stop at leafless trees, you see. It became a routine whenever I see things
and tell my brain I was somewhere else. It made my day.
I was happy with the feelings it entailed. 

Eg. When I'm in Teluk Intan, I'd tell myself I'm in Rembau.
If I was in Mid Valley, I'd tell myself I'm in KLCC. 
See how different it feels.

And then the good things happened, where I have completely forgotten of my own brain game, when things turn into reality and I don't have to keep imagining.

The power of imagination.

This morning, I was not weary of my surrounding.
However, I have became so used to my surrounding that it is hard for me to be grateful for it.
And I started telling myself I am somewhere else.
Manhattan, Stockholm, Mumbai.

And it was beautiful.

p/s: Well, I could have said - Alor Setar, Kluang, Dengkil.
But I'm sure y'all would get the gist, wouldn't you? ;D