Lalala I'm in love...

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sometimes I forgot how simple thing can make me this happy.
Yes, I do feel like pouring out more often now.

I think I'm done with the code tuning, it was kind of messy initially having forgotten
'the how' and also how rewarding it feels  getting things worked out. Some cool widget has to wait until it'll be good to run it. I guess it will stay like it is for the next seven years
(or forever because I'm never deleting any layout I did in the past).

I was searching for free responsive minimalist layout when I started this and upon downloading, a prerequisite question prompted out - "What is your biggest challenge in blogging?"

And I answered - "The guilt feeling spending time writing despite my endless to-do list!"
There you go. Like honestly.

But I think I gotta sorts all the things in my head by letting them out. It always occur to me that all the repetitive lightbulb moments should have been documented here (just to clear of my head of certain topics) . But what about those bunch of reports, requirements, reviews, emails replies, chores and errands that are chasing after me???

Here I go again.

p.s. : Just for the record - yellow or this golden tint is never my favourite colour. But it worked sooo well with my favourites B&W!

p.p.s. : Told you pink is not my thing, but it just work wonders (for my old layout).

Well, scientifically all the colours mixed together is WHITE, sir.

Here's to a new start. Happy New Year. Salam Maal Hijrah.