Soooo, I missed the trip!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Well, to cut things short as I am somewhat contempt to elaborate it in details -
I was diagnosed with dengue fever the night before the flight took off.

That's about it.

Well, yeah - I was feverish on Tuesday but I steadily made an appearance to the office because I had a bunch of things to clear off before I left for a fortnight. So 3 days rule, I went to check my blood on Thursday but my platelet count was 160k (dengue would be lower than 120k) so we thought it was just a normal viral fever. I was relieved and still turned up to the office on Friday (such dedication despite the fever, I LOVE MY JOB obviously). But the Doc did highlight that my normal platelet count could have been 450k so 160k is rather low.

I was fully recovered on Sunday (or so I thought) but I was soooooo nauseous I couldn't eat anything. I was feeling lethargic due to lack of energy as I was not eating (or so I thought, again). I was thinking of getting the medicine for nausea as I was hungry therefore I would want to eat and I definitely need it for the long flight.

Since Brazil Border Security requires prescription for all medication that we carry, I went to the clinic on Sunday night to request for it. Then it was all clear when the Doc pointed out that the nausea and lethargy are obvious signs of dengue despite me recovering from fever. It was an indication that the body is lack of water. I was told that the most critical stage of dengue is when the fever subsided. How come nobody ever mentioned this important info??? I should have done my own research but I was so occupied with stuff, I let it slipped.

So I had my blood checked again, the stat was so low, the machine can't even read it.
On the third trial, my platelet reading was only 42k. So I was referred to the hospital,
and it was A's birthday to say the least. Such a great present I gave him :P

So, as I was told -  the most critical stage of dengue is when the fever subsided - I was put on drip, warded the same night, asked to drink a couple of huge jugs of water, measure and record my intake and output (urine), drink more water - and still my platelet went down to 38k the next morning. So this is what dengue does to you. Lower platelet, means higher hemoglobin count thus the hematocrit (viscosity of blood) is higher. Lower platelet, means any injury (internal or external) is harder to recover leading to 'denggi berdarah'.

I wouldn't take the chance, eventhough the team is waiting for me to samba together.
It's not about conquering my 5th continent but missing the learning part of the trip is the thing that I feel most disheartened about. I is redha. Allah surely has a reason and better plan for me.

I was discharged after a day and a half, was given MC for 9 days, asked to rest well and go for another blood test a week after. My platelet rose up to 500k!
And I am as fit as a fiddle.