Two thousand seventeen

I pretty much let 2015 and 2016 pushed me around to the point that I don't feel like I'm actually living (metaphorically). It felt like I slipped into both years unwillingly and it is evidently obvious in my monthly planner where I only have minutes in pencil scribbles throughout the twelve months! I'm guilty as charged - I was not being myself.
I feel kinda bad, but nahhh, 2016 has ended, by the way.

But there's something about 2017.
I've not been feeling this for quite some time - the new year celebration, the new year resolution. I wasn't really buying into that because I have this "Everyday is a new day", 
but this year, it feels a little bit different. I feel like I'm entering a new learning institution
(i.e. school/college/uni). I'm gonna kick-ass learn & study!
That's what I'll do!
2017, bring it on!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Life!
  • Sunday, January 01, 2017

Guest Post: On Record

By Tariq Fadzin


Segala apa yang kita taipkan, katakan, videokan secara online ini, pasti ada tersimpan rekodnya di suatu tempat. Apa yang kita tengok, apa yang kita search, walau diclearkan... memang tak ada orang nampak, tapi ada authority yang simpan.

Kalau tak percaya, cuba la buat jenayah online. Tunggu la depa korek keluar semua nanti.

Key point is, all this data boleh direkod kerana kita berinteraksi melalui gadget kita di suatu alam yang dinamakan alam Internet. Depa tak boleh rekod apa yang kita cakap di dalam hati, ataupun apa yang kita cakap secara offline.

Tapi, kalau kita online saja, semua benda depa rekodkan. Even benda yang aku taip ini...


Sekarang kita berada di dalam alam kehidupan ini dan kita berinteraksi dengan dunia kita melalui gadget kita yang power nak mampus yang dinamakan tubuh badan dan pancaindera kita.

Badan kita ni kenderaan saja woii. Yang membaca apa yang aku tulis ini sekarang bukanlah 'kenderaan' tetapi 'pemandu'. Kalau 'kenderaan' yang membaca, lidah kena gerak, mulut kena buka, angin keluar masuk paru-paru kena control.

When you are silently reading this sentence, you are reading it in your own voice without using your mouth, and you are listening to what you have read without using your ears.

You, my friend, is a 'driver'.

Somebody of authority is certainly recording everything.

  • Friday, December 16, 2016

Big Bad Wolf Dec2016

Last year when I walked into BBW, I was soooo overwhelm with feelings I couldn't explain.
I love being surrounded by books (no, I'm not a nerd) - because it is an evidence of the infinite wisdom of knowledge available to human being, yet it is just equivalent to a drop of sea water in comparison to the vast ocean. I believe - in heaven, there is an endless massive state-of-the-art library and archive as access to part of Kalamullah.

This year, the feeling is still the same! I love it!
Each year I tried finding the best time to go i.e. less crowd and I finally figured the best time is early in the morning. Start your journey right after Subuh, have an early breakfast.
I think the crowd is definitely lesser on working days, but I won't sacrifice my off-day anyway.

This year I went on the 2nd day (it was weekend)... I started at 8.30 AM and didn't even realize that I stayed until almost 4 PM!!!

It is even better this year - the books, the setting, the trolleys provided, the selections and location of food and drinks. I officially went CRAZY (and broke!) at the children's section!

I brought a small trolley with me just like previous years, well, this year TAK MUAT - had to use their shopping trolley instead! Filled it up with children's books! It's like only 15% of the books are mine. The rest are for my daughter, nephews & nieces, birthday pressie for friends' kids etc.

I love my grown-up collection, but I was and still excited about the children's books, honestly!
I feel like I'm grabbing them for myself (sebab dulu masa kecik takde buku-buku best macam ni).
I even bought a sticker book for myself! Jangan gelak! You would want it too!!
Credit (Click image for details)

When I went through it all, I came up with an idea for book review posts!
I love 'em all and I'd like to tell you why!

These are my criteria in choosing children's book:
1. Age/skill level appropriate.
2. Typography/font.
3. Graphic/illustration/interactivity.
4. Theme.
5. Price vs quality.

Yes, I always keep the age/skill level in mind when it comes to books, but I do buy some 'tougher' books if they were really good and I'd keep them till the time come by :P
Too fancy typography/font is always the deal breaker - even if the book theme and illustrations are great, it's not appropriate for early readers.
I always buy books with engaging graphic/illustration/interactivity.
Who doesn't love adorable picture books, flaps books & pop-ups books?!
My favourite themes are mostly on love & compassion, aircrafts & airports and how to view our surroundings differently. I love when the books try to portray the real side of this world/life.
I do consider as to whether the price is appropriate for the quality,
but it's BBW we are talking about, price vs quality is almost irrelevant! 

Hurry, head up to MIECC@Mines, from 9th to 19th December 2016.
It is open 24 hours a day.
  • Tuesday, December 13, 2016