Monday, May 9, 2016

My brain-game

I've been using a new route for more than a month now and never did I notice how beautiful everything is until I played my brain-game. 
I changed cities like I own it,
calling out all the towns I know like I'm there. 

I started noticing the bright yellow leaves, sitting benches, 
aged shady trees, uniquely designed pole - just to name a few.
It makes me wonder where my mind has wandered all these while.
I rarely look passed the cars in front of mine. 

I did not notice the bunch of benches for the past one whole month!
The benches reminded me of my solo trip to Narita when I thought 
how thoughtful the Japanese to have sitting benches around the neighbourhood. Well we do have them around too -
if we look hard enough. 

We hardly care about the brand of the cars driven in foreign land, 
thus why we are so concern back home? Who drives what, 
which elite township our friend's house is located. Like c'mon!

It is a different set of eyes that we use while we are travelling
when we look for things to observe. To be impressed, to be inspired.
Why aren't we doing the same thing here in our own land?
We are hardly aware of our own surrounding, feeling like we are so deserving of what it can offer - well until it is taken away from us. 

I think we should be a traveler/tourist in our own place.
Let us feel unfamiliar to our daily surrounding and we shall 'see' more.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Renew our perspective

It started with a clip of a moving train
when I was reminded of how powerful our brain is.

We can change the direction of the train going in or out of the tunnel
just by telling ourselves whether it is going in or going out.
How amazing.

This morning, when I was driving to work - in the most beautiful and blessed district in the country - I was again reminded of how
I used to tease my brain to imagine the places I am at.

It was more than half a decade ago, when I was weary of my surrounding - workplace, the to and fro congestion
(though it was less than half an hour) -
I started imagining I was not where I was.

You know how our brain tied up our feelings and emotion to the places we have been, whereby when you return to the place - 
you will have the same feeling that it is 'the' place.
Let me simplify that.
Say if you go to Melaka, your feelings will be different
than your feelings when you are in Johor. Or Tesco and Giant.
Something in you know it is not the same place.

That is the game I play with my brain. 
I tried telling myself I am somewhere else.

Back to more than half a decade ago, desperate of a new surrounding 
- I had to condition my brain that I was in one; in occasions.
I remember seeing a couple of leafless bare trees by the side of Federal Highway and imagining I was somewhere else (with four seasons) 
and it was autumn.

It didn't stop at leafless trees, you see. It became a routine
whenever I see things and tell my brain I was somewhere else. 
It made my day.
I was happy with the feelings it entailed. 

Eg. When I'm in Teluk Intan, I'd tell myself I'm in Rembau.
If I was in Mid Valley, I'd tell myself I'm in KLCC. 
See how different it feels.

And then the good things happened, 
where I have completely forgotten of my own brain game,
when things turn into reality and I don't have to keep imagining.

The power of imagination.

This morning, I was not weary of my surrounding.
However, I have became so used to my surrounding
that it is hard for me to be grateful for it.
And I started telling myself I am somewhere else.
Manhattan, Stockholm, Mumbai.

And it was beautiful.

p/s: Well, I could have said - Alor Setar, Kluang, Dengkil.
But I'm sure y'all would get the gist, wouldn't you? ;D

Monday, January 4, 2016

I believe in MIRACLE...

Yes, I do!

Happy new day, 
4th of January.

Monday, October 12, 2015


I seldom talk about my duty travels because well, 
apart from the 'duty' and side shopping after working hours,
 I don't feel much like a traveler or even a tourist, 
for the fact that the objective is the work (and nearby shopping).
The places I went mostly are not the tourist spots
therefore no such thing as sight-seeing (unless we have a rented car or weekend to go a bit far). But again, most of the time, we prefer to get things done and return home as quickly as we could.
That means we would avoid weekends at all cost (unless the place
is really worth going) and spend time home recovering from jet-lags.
Or perhaps it's not everybody, but us mostly. 

But it would be sad not documenting the travels for I learnt a lot in most of them be it the places I went, people I met or people I worked with.

And so I decided to write the experience in a whole different form
and it is not totally about the travels because again, 
I am not a traveler/tourist.

My recent travel was to Detroit, Michigan for a technical meeting
with a jet engine manufacturer, Williams International.
Detroit is an industrial automotive district having the Ford, Chrysler
and a lot other. And we had never heard of Williams engines before.

Our outbound ride was on ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Being in the industry, there are a lot of things that impressed me on daily basis. I was trying to pull down the window shade when I realized the windows don't come with a pull-down shade but a button to darken/lighten the window visibility and boy, I was impressed! And ANA has bidet for the toilet bowl (even MAS doesn't), how cool is that.

Hilton Garden Inn, Novi, Detroit.

'twas nearby a shopping area that is 30 minutes walking distance (because we didn't have our own transportation)
and I think it's a love-hate situation for I love US big stores
and compound, but only if you have car to move around. I spent
bunch of hours walking that few days more than I did in months.
And despite our currency plunge, things are still cheaper there.

Back to business.
It turns out that Williams is a leading engine manufacturer for most private jets beating the major ones like GE, Pratt & Whitney etc.
And oohhh it feels like home going through their facility because it is similar to Honeywell site (not ours, but the parent company in Singapore) in much detailed scale and that is partly the reason why
I was tasked for the job with my superior.

These are my takes during the travel.

Williams Wisdoms : 

1. Dr Williams was a mechanical engineer for the Chrysler Corporation before starting his own company to develop and build small gas turbine engines. 

2. He believed the large turbine engine on passenger aircraft can be scaled down to reduce the size, power-rating and cost where it will create the demand from smaller aircraft manufacturers which were on piston engine technology. 

3. He believed it is easier to design and develop something small and have them scaled up. Rather than having technologies for large equipments and scaling it down. 

4. Large engine manufacturers still struggle scaling down their engines and Williams has successfully scaling up theirs. 

5. He believed they should do everything in-house and minimize outsourcing for they can manipulate the design to the smallest of parts for cost-design effective and efficiency, therefore maintain the product exclusivity. 

6. Williams philosophy is to have the design engineers working in production area for a great design may be impossible to be produced. Limitation in technologies and materials are keys for innovation. 

7. People in Williams has a long retention of average 39 years of experience for the top management. It is an indication of people staying for a good working environment. 

Start small, scale up, develop inhouse capabilities to futher manipulate the idea, designers work together with the executors and
stay together for us to know it inside out and be distinctive.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Thank you

Despite the animosity I’m feeling towards our current environmental condition (and political and economical and … the list goes on)
with regards to the ones accountable and the ones effected,
I was finding ways to let things go as easily 
(to be grateful with what is and to be more appreciative when 
thing gets better – which I totally believe in). Having said that,
I’d like to emphasis that feelings and actions are fully autonomous.

After all, this is how winter looks like. I sometimes intentionally
turn on my car air-condition to the max and pretend it is so
(though I despise low temperature). 

I know it is a topic very sensitive to some 
especially those with health conditions, but anyways…

I'd like to sincerely thank Indonesia.
No, not for this haze. You as a country - should not be hold accountable for the action of few unscrupulous people or corporations. You as a country - should not be blame for the misconduct of your citizen.

I know how it feels because we hate it just as much when the global community blame our nation for some foolish individuals.
Similar to your second man.

I'd like to thank Indonesia for reminding us how we love
our hot scorching sun and heavy downpour and clean air.
I'd like to thank you for reminding us how luxurious
we have been living in this piece of land full of bliss.
Screw all the deceptions of our living condition.
We had it all and we surely will have it all again.

And I'd like to thank you for this lovely vid and wonderful hearty song.
I've fallen in love.

Float - Songs of Seasons

We belong, we belong, we belong here
where the vibes from our old songs returning
With the force of a longing heart we’re here again
Timeless seasons calling
Rain of reasons falling
We belong, we belong, we belong to you
And the memories yet to come soon
will lead us back to you again
Songs of seasons calling

Good job Tourism Indonesia.

p/s: Noticed a sweet shortest love story unfolds in merely one minute?  Watch again.