It's been quite some time...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

...since I last went on duty travel - I think it's about time that the task cycle is approaching. I dread the idea of having all the things in my to-do list being put on hold - means right about now I should get my hands on them instead of this blank post page (I knowww).

But this is also my happy place.
I have right.
To be happy ;P

The last trip was early this year to... (checking my IG feed because I can't hardly recall that honestly) Delaware for highly customized/personalized aircraft modifications review in Aloft AeroArchitects (previously known as Pats Aircraft Systems).

Guess who was it for!

We stayed nearby Rehoboth Beach and it was not a fun beach resort (if that's what you're thinking) since it was winter with subzero temperature! The hotel we were staying was like 15-20 minutes walking distance from two blocks of factory outlets but we couldn't even endure two minutes of standing outside the building let alone attempting to walk in that weather!
Yeah, no picture to convince you anyway :P

But the best part was the seafooooddd!!! Had crab cake first time in my life and I think it had fulfilled any form of crab craving in my lifetime. And I had huge skinned prawns on daily basis just right from Walmart frozen section at a bargain. Just pour 'em all in the Brahims (or the other way round) - great. comfort. food. in freezing weather. 

Now October is ending. Can I skip winter travel, boss???
I need space in my luggage. 
And it's not meant for winter clothing.