"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child;
once a week, every week." 

She loves it.

It's shameful to admit that we've been living here for almost 4 years but just recently discovered Taman Equestrian Putrajaya is open to public! Plus, it's just 2 km away from our house! 

I guess we'll be making more short trips in the future!

  • Monday, February 24, 2014


"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child;
once a week, every week." 

Quiet getaway.

He told me he’ll be back for 2 weeks, initially.
Then it’s reduced to 10 days. And finally it was only 4.
Totally opposite.

We were out & about when he received that phone call.
THAT phone call. It was his superior. And his first sentence was,
Kau bagitau wife kau aku mintak maaf sgt2.
Bos mintak maaf kat bini subordinate.
Kau hado?

He laughed. I said sheepishly, “Bonus full tahun ni!
I should have said, “Get my account no, I should get my portion!

And 2 of that 4 days he’s assigned for a local job.
It was hectic. I had an important meeting on my birthday & ended the day packing up
for a late night road trip. No celebration.

He came back from work the next day profusely saying sorry for forgetting it. I said it's ok.
I know birthday is such a biggie for some people... but not me. I love celebrating but not when it's me being celebrated. Told him I prefer quiet celebration. No crowd.
And being with him that day at a special place is enough for me :)

  • Monday, February 17, 2014


"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child;
once a week, every week." 

An abandoned wishlist item that somehow became mine.

I was making dinner when there was knocking on the front door... and Qyrin Aulia screamed out of terror as she was playing alone in the entryway. It sure scared the living daylight out of her. 
I have a feeling he was coming home considering he was very secretive through out the day.
He is lousy at making surprises. 

When he unpacked, he handed me a small paper bag. Thought it was a perfume since he told me his perfume ran out and I guess he could have bought for me as well. And I was ecstatic!
It has been in my 2013 wishlist but I have crossed it out knowing I don't need it and this is just one of my 'wants'. And he never knew about it either. I almost bought it at half price using
in-flight coupons but I ended up passing them to a friend & it felt so much better!
My full set took years to finish... but having a travel kit is super! Alhamdulillah ;D

He was proud with the surprise, but I was a lil disheartened (but delighted with the gift, nonetheless) knowing he must have forgotten my birthday in 2 days (where he could have kept it until the day itself). Which he truly did.
  • Tuesday, February 11, 2014

365 - 52 project

I started a 365 project early this year only to realized I forgot about it after day 8. 365 is too much for me, undoubtedly. Discovering 52 project fires me up again. Why didn't I think of it before, blame it on the over-achieving goal-setting :P

I need something I can commit & adhere to.

So I'd probably be posting backdated entries.

A recording of what I'm grateful for. 
A potrait of my kid, once a week, every week. Or both.
'Cause both are the same :)

  • Wednesday, February 05, 2014

30 Rocks!

It's the time of the year and I'm turning a year older.
Here's my only recap of my preceding year.
Thirty freaking rocks.
Thirty is NOT the new twenty.
Thirty beats the pants off every single year of twenties

This is where I want to be. I know by the time I'm 50, or 70,
it is exactly where I want to be.
Looking at 23-, 25-, 27-year-old me
 I wouldn't trade anything I've cultivated within me being 30.
Be it for the thigh gap or those flat tummy.
It is within. 
The mind, the way of thinking, the maturity,
the acceptance, the calmness.

I still do not have everything figured out...
but witnessing the most productive decade thrills you
to unfold the next.
  • Tuesday, February 04, 2014