My brain-game

Monday, May 09, 2016

I've been using a new route for more than a month now
and never did I notice how beautiful everything is until I played my brain-game. 
I changed cities like I own it,
calling out all the towns I know like I'm there. 

I started noticing the bright yellow leaves, sitting benches, 
aged shady trees, uniquely designed pole - just to name a few.
It makes me wonder where my mind has wandered all these while.
I rarely look passed the cars in front of mine. 

I did not notice the bunch of benches for the past one whole month!
The benches reminded me of my solo trip to Narita when I thought
how thoughtful the Japanese to have sitting benches around the neighbourhood.
Well we do have them around too - if we look hard enough. 

We hardly care about the brand of the cars driven in foreign land, 
thus why we are so concern back home? Who drives what, 
which elite township our friend's house is located. Like c'mon!

It is a different set of eyes that we use while we are travelling
when we look for things to observe. To be impressed, to be inspired.
Why aren't we doing the same thing here in our own land?
We are hardly aware of our own surrounding, feeling like we are so deserving of what it can offer - well until it is taken away from us. 

I think we should be a traveler/tourist in our own place.
Let us feel unfamiliar to our daily surrounding and we shall 'see' more.