MAYBANK Debit Picture Card

Friday, December 09, 2016

Since Maybank ATM/Debit Cards have to be changed to the new enhanced card by end of this year, I was so thrilled when I saw someone shared the steps to customise Maybank Debit Card in my FB newsfeed! Truthfully, the excitement feels exactly like we were the kids ordering cute name cards a couple of decades ago (still remember/keep those?). 
It's great to personalised the card (with additional fee of RM 26.50 though) but I don't want to be so corny putting a selfie or family photo - as we'll be handing it to the cashier most of the time 
-  so I opted for a photo of an aeroplane taking off at sunset (courtesy of Google Images)!

However, on top of the fee - it has to be picked up from limited branch
(but you can have your selection) after 14 days as compared to the default replacement card
- which is delivered to you for FREE.
And the quality of the card is such a disappointment!
The printing is not as sharp as the normal card.

If you would still consider the option,
you may personalised your Maybank Debit Picture Card here!