Ending of the first month

Whatever happened to 'new year'... 
A lot of things going on inside me they just don't find a way to spill out.
I can do better because I have a lot to do... and do better.
I may have not given enough credit to myself for the things I've done well... where I should.

I was going through my 2013 wishlist and found it empty.
(It's a simple list - a note in the phone and I deleted
the items I managed to fulfill as time goes by)
It startled and scared me a lil bit.
The fact that ALL items came true by the end of 2013.
And the fact that my future wishlist may come true just as well.
Above all, Alhamdulillah. 

My 2013 wishlist is based on 'material' acquisition.
I know I should change the rule of the game.

I stop wanting much (well... certain things) but I have a feeling that my 2014 wishlist will not be empty by the end of the year and will be carried forward for coming year and the next. 
InsyaAllah & Bi iznillah.

Remember that what you now have
was once among the things you only hope for.

  • Friday, January 31, 2014


"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child;
once a week, every week." 

Reaching its 20 next year.
Satria 1995. First edition.

It has been with me for the past 9 freaking good years. Kalau kat Jepun, ni dah kira boleh masuk kilang besi buruk, tak pon dah jadi tukun tiruan. But you underestimate it not. 
Still good, still running, still rocking it.
I'm lovin' it.

And it is still a laughing stock to us all, especially at the office.
But I'm proud of it.

It was a gift. From my father.
And it says it all.
Am keeping it for my daughter, most probably :P

It is not thoroughly everything it was 20 years ago. 
Changed quite a number of things, except for the owner ;)
And the last change was the skin. I wanted it unique. 
Only to come back and see a twin within the housing.
And noticing the colour is recent trending... =_="

There's this wise brilliant hilarious top level officer we always look up to.
He drives an old Aeroback. We call it Skyline. He would still think we're referring to the city horizon. He's just cool like that. And it's cool to see him parked along with company CEOs and managers when we go for field audits. It's not like he doesn't have any other car,
but he's cool like that. Pernah sekali we were chatting in the pantry after lunch when he said, "Jam bateri saya mati... so saya pergi kedai nak tukar bateri... Orang tu cakap bateri harga RM 20.
Saya terkejut sebab bateri lagi mahal drpd jam."
He was obviously pulling a joke and intentionally telling us.
Nak pengsan kitorang gelak. It looked just as nice and if he didn't tell, we wouldn't know.
And he was proud of his Blueberry (BUKAN Blackberry). Before having one, he would imitate us by touching his screen as if he's scrolling... and when we asked, he would say,
"Tak lah, saya tgh buang habuk." Hahaha. Pengsan kitorg lagi skali.
He is just that inspiring.
Truly an inspiration.
  • Monday, January 13, 2014


"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child;
once a week, every week."

The best accessory to your hand
is somebody else's hand.

'twas on our way to the airport sending him off for his 1st assignment of the year...
It never gets any easier particularly after a so-called longgg break.
He said he's been home for a month,
I said, "Husband org lain ada kat rumah sepanjang tahun..." :P
Hoho. I know I'm bad for saying that. Neither it's easy on his part nor he likes missing out on things... and going to a remote foreign place with scarcity of halal food and limited internet connectivity... I don't want to get started on that.

So I guess this is it, for now.
  • Wednesday, January 08, 2014


"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child 
once a week, every week."

With her favourite thing during new year's picnic.

Our current favourite pastime - giant bubble.
Learnt mixing the bubble solution, DIY, big saver. 
Tips for you out there - JOY dishwasher is now sold locally.

So blessed our place is surrounded by bunch of beautiful gardens
we could go anytime we want sans the weekend crowd.
Even so, we personally know secluded areas
just for a brief evening walk and talk.

It feels like heaven... sometimes.
Except knowing heaven is above and beyond.

A friend recently asked me "How do you think heaven looks like?"
"Each and every leave is in rainbow spectrum of colours," I said.
I think. Can't imagine it, honestly.
I hope we would all gather there someday.
And witness whether it is true... :)

  • Thursday, January 02, 2014