Big Bad Wolf Dec2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Last year when I walked into BBW, I was soooo overwhelm with feelings I couldn't explain.
I love being surrounded by books (no, I'm not a nerd) - because it is an evidence of the infinite wisdom of knowledge available to human being, yet it is just equivalent to a drop of sea water in comparison to the vast ocean. I believe - in heaven, there is an endless massive state-of-the-art library and archive as access to part of Kalamullah.

This year, the feeling is still the same! I love it!
Each year I tried finding the best time to go i.e. less crowd and I finally figured the best time is early in the morning. Start your journey right after Subuh, have an early breakfast.
I think the crowd is definitely lesser on working days, but I won't sacrifice my off-day anyway.

This year I went on the 2nd day (it was weekend)... I started at 8.30 AM and didn't even realize that I stayed until almost 4 PM!!!

It is even better this year - the books, the setting, the trolleys provided, the selections and location of food and drinks. I officially went CRAZY (and broke!) at the children's section!

I brought a small trolley with me just like previous years, well, this year TAK MUAT - had to use their shopping trolley instead! Filled it up with children's books! It's like only 15% of the books are mine. The rest are for my daughter, nephews & nieces, birthday pressie for friends' kids etc.

I love my grown-up collection, but I was and still excited about the children's books, honestly!
I feel like I'm grabbing them for myself (sebab dulu masa kecik takde buku-buku best macam ni).
I even bought a sticker book for myself! Jangan gelak! You would want it too!!
Credit (Click image for details)

When I went through it all, I came up with an idea for book review posts!
I love 'em all and I'd like to tell you why!

These are my criteria in choosing children's book:
1. Age/skill level appropriate.
2. Typography/font.
3. Graphic/illustration/interactivity.
4. Theme.
5. Price vs quality.

Yes, I always keep the age/skill level in mind when it comes to books, but I do buy some 'tougher' books if they were really good and I'd keep them till the time come by :P
Too fancy typography/font is always the deal breaker - even if the book theme and illustrations are great, it's not appropriate for early readers.
I always buy books with engaging graphic/illustration/interactivity.
Who doesn't love adorable picture books, flaps books & pop-ups books?!
My favourite themes are mostly on love & compassion, aircrafts & airports and how to view our surroundings differently. I love when the books try to portray the real side of this world/life.
I do consider as to whether the price is appropriate for the quality,
but it's BBW we are talking about, price vs quality is almost irrelevant! 

Hurry, head up to MIECC@Mines, from 9th to 19th December 2016.
It is open 24 hours a day.