Silent Treatment

Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm seriously giving you a silent treatment.
Have you even noticed it?
You better be!

In all my words still I would define it as silence.

I have, in fact, questioned my own silence especially when everything started
and keep unfolding themselves (myself, I mean) throughout my moment of silence.
And it has been quite a discovery, I'd say.

And it just occurred to me *yesterday that I was probably in denial. I have to come to term with it. A lot had happened and discretely affecting our life though we pretended like it goes on like it’s supposed to be. We tried to deny it. But it is not something that we can simply defy.

I figured a hole in my soul.

Perasan nak marahkan seseorang atau sesuatu tapi tak ada orang atau perkara
yang boleh disalahkan atau disabitkan kesalahan melainkan hanya redha dan terima.

Aku redha dan terima lubang di jiwa, Ya Allah.
May we all rest in peace.

Just like 'em all.
*yesterday - DCA 2014 video recap