A glimpse of heaven

Thursday, April 30, 2015

It was months ago… or may be in the past years.

The vision was kinda cloudy.
I was lying on a spread of grass, under a tree.
Under the shadow of a low rise tree with lush green shades of leaves
overlooking colourful flowers just a little distance away from my feet.
I felt I could touch the leaves just by lifting my arms.

But my daughter was lying on right arm just the way she likes it.

It was so serene and peaceful. It was so beautiful.
I raised my head to have a glance of the surrounding.
And I whispered to my daughter,
Cantiknyaaa sini Qyrin Auliaaa…” 
talking to her as if she understood me… 
(I felt like she's an adult lying on my arm).

And the vision quickly faded.

I felt bad for voicing out my feeling now that it ended.

Then I noticed my baby was still a child; not an adult I felt she was.
Still lying on my right arm.
We were in our bedroom, the temperature was just right
and the bed was so soft & cozy, I knew it was not just another dream.

It felt so real it didn't feel like a dream. 

I hope Allah, in all His mercy,
permits and grants us the entry.