WTF (pun intended)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

There's this particular thing I (we) had to do that fractured my motivation.
For the record, it is not something unethical to start with. I see it as favour close to pointless turned into obligation that is wrongly placed. Or at least that is how we feel. But we do it thinking somebody will have to do it anyway. May Allah bless us with the reward.

It goes on a rotation cycle of 2 to 3 weeks and the burden is shared among us. 
We call it WTF coz it sounds like one. The thing itself and its content. 

There are days when I'm up to it that I returned home like a zombie and A noticed this.
Well, he kinda understand how the system works but I think he forgot I was with him
before I was even in the public service. What I'm saying is my foot was once set outside
the grass. However, I like the garden I'm currently stepping in except for the fact that
we had to deal with some shits as there are animals crossing. 
Well, that's kinda harsh but I'm not taking it back :P

Every field has its animals anyway.

It's strange the effect WTF has on us. There are days we (my colleagues and I - apparently we share similar symptoms - due to stress, I guess) crave for excessive shopping, binging, sleeping and a list of bad habits. 

So, I told A about my fractured motivation and how it has soaked up all my interest to even do my (common) favourite things. Therefore, on those affected days, I even declared I do not want to run my role as a wife or a mother or even myself. He led me to figure out that I should be doing something different to curb this and I realised that I should be reading books again.
It's not like I have not done enough reading lately, but well, those books on the bookshelves,
you know what I mean.

And I guess blogging is also one of it.