Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I arrived fashionably late to 2015.

Had a hectic New Year celebration with my niece's aqiqah back in my hometown
and I knew my first few months into the year were shattered
when my director declared a 3 weeks duty travel for me.
My January dissipates just like that.
Well, not just like that like that. Had a twin A330 aircraft deliveries in Toulouse but the task has became so generic it's almost like a holiday (without your love ones, so still not fun!)
and I hate looking forward to the stack of desk jobs pending and piling up upon returning.

 And I don't want to sound ungrateful but I despise winter travels let alone for triple the normal duration. Oh, the freezing temperature, the winter jackets, the thermal wears, the layers of outfits for 3 weeks, the luggage full of food stocks and my babies are awayyyy. 

With the miracle work of Allah, I arrived at Schipol airport boarding room
for our transit flight to a familiar face.
"I know you! Papa Humaira & Naqib!"
 Kelakar jgk la husband Faeza macam redha je jawab,
"Oooo kenal kat blog..."
I knew someday mungkin akan terserempak jugak because we're in the same field,
tapi tak sangka we got to work together for 3 weeks.
Well, work, eat, travel, shopping. Such a kind & dedicated person.

Also had a chance to spend a couple of days in London and a short day trip to Monaco (again) and also Amsterdam. And thanks to my jet-lagged brain, I mistakenly deleted the whole folder
of pictures in my phone (!!!) so basically I have no proof of existence for a whole year.

Other than those of social media.

Shattered. But gotta live with it somehow.
And don't talk to me about cloud.

That kinda sums up my January.
February I turned 23.
And March we turned 5.

And poof, it's almost Ramadhan.