Thank you

Friday, October 02, 2015

Despite the animosity I’m feeling towards our current environmental condition
(and political and economical and … the list goes on) with regards to the ones accountable
and the ones effected, I was finding ways to let things go as easily (to be grateful with what is
and to be more appreciative when thing gets better – which I totally believe in).
Having said that, I’d like to emphasis that feelings and actions are fully autonomous.

After all, this is how winter looks like. I sometimes intentionally turn on my car air-condition
to the max and pretend it is so (though I despise low temperature).

I know it is a topic very sensitive to some
especially those with health conditions, but anyways…

I'd like to sincerely thank Indonesia.
No, not for this haze. You as a country - should not be hold accountable
for the action of few unscrupulous people or corporations. You as a country - should not
be blamed for the misconduct of your citizen.

I know how it feels because we hate it just as much when the global community blames
our nation for some foolish individuals. Similar to your second man.

I'd like to thank Indonesia for reminding us how we love our hot scorching sun
and heavy downpour and clean air. I'd like to thank you for reminding us how luxurious we have been living in this piece of land full of bliss. Screw all the deceptions of our living condition.
We had it all and we surely will have it all again.

And I'd like to thank you for this lovely vid and wonderful hearty song.
I've fallen in love.

Float - Songs of Seasons

We belong, we belong, we belong here
where the vibes from our old songs returning
With the force of a longing heart we’re here again
Timeless seasons calling
Rain of reasons falling
We belong, we belong, we belong to you
And the memories yet to come soon
will lead us back to you again
Songs of seasons calling

Good job Tourism Indonesia.

p/s: Noticed a sweet shortest love story unfolds in merely one minute?  Watch again.