Where 2017 is taking me

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I took the urge to kick-ass learn & study in my new year resolution
(to dive deeper into the knowledge and experience required for my job function)
...pretty much oh-so-literally.
My initial intention was to take on all the technical literature review to have 'em all at my fingertips. In this line of work it is convenient to shut people off with numbers 
e.g. CS 25, Subpart E, 25.903... or CAR 2016, Part 16, Regulation 140 to 144.
Bunyi macam lawyer tapi bukan. Rasa macam Donna. Eh tetiba haha.

Hottest redhead.

Within the first week of 2017, I found myself looking at some options with a specific field of study that I had bookmarked for years but had never considered them seriously.
So I went to weigh them again, having less than 5 shortlisted selections. Easy peasy.

When I asked myself what's the drive to have it materialised this year,
it become so obvious to me that I needed a break (padahal baru je berangan nak jadi Donna).

I wanted MEng (not MSc or MBA) with the shortest duration (I hate missing out daily on-goings at the office), I prefer coursework rather than research, adaptable livelihood and possibility of getting any available scholarship (since JPA has stopped the fund for overseas studies).

So for the same field of study, University of Cranfield in UK only offered 2 years program, France ENAC-ISAE-EOAA has interesting 1 year advanced master program but there will be language barrier undeniably and France government has an age limitation for their postgraduate scholarship (up to 30 years old) and the final one is RMIT in Melbourne, Australia
(1 year program, possibility of postgraduate scholarship from their government
and ease of livelihood). So here I am.

No, still here, not there yet.

So why a Master? Because I've always dreamed of some forms of engagement with higher learning institutions, advocating awareness and exposure on aviation industry, pouring out all the knowledge, skills and experiences back to the younger generations to empower our nation.
And a Master degree is a prerequisite qualification for our local university lecturers
(even for part-time). I call that patriotism done my way. I see myself as a bridge of knowledge.
*why am I all teary writing this? sheesh!

When I voiced out my intention to pursue a Master to my superiors, they have no objection and given me their consents. My Sr Deputy Director upon knowing my selection said,
"Are you going on one year holiday???"
Oh well, I'll try getting a good set of GPS & GPA =P 
 But again, it all depends on whether or not I get a scholarship.
I can't barely afford the course fee.

So I started the journey signing up for IELTS (cost me RM 800+, I better make it worth it), researching the subjects, updating my resume after 10 years, multiple online communications with the RMIT representative and Australian education consultant in Malaysia, making them the agent to facilitate my application (its FOC!) and finally making the online submission.

Spent weeks figuring out the best options for accommodation (apartment/studio that's a walking distance to the campus and Qyrin Aulia's school, only renting cars when needed). 
And Qyrin Aulia's primary school looks sooo Hogwarts-ly!!! 

 And I got RMIT offer letter on the 3rd day of the application despite expecting it to come within
2 to 4 weeks because the campus is presently hectic with 2017 new intakes. It was delightful.

What a journey, I'm all excited it's like I'm already there.
Pray for my excellence in IELTS next weekend!