Last fortnight

Monday, February 20, 2017

I started the day delivering these blue notes to all my colleagues.

Last August when we had our family day, I took a slot for a short team building session
consist of activities including revisiting our sector's vision, mission & core values,
grouping ourselves by our personality trait which relates to how we function based on what is important to us (information, perspective, execution & harmony - guess which group I'm in!)
and this magic blue paper!
*Everybody enjoyed the session so much they requested for a longer one next time!

Everyone was given a piece of the blue paper and each was required to anonymously write up special messages in the small space for everybody (with the name indicated). The rule is
'It has to be something positive' coz it is so easy to write up a negative one (don't you agree?!)!!

And I spent a few hours on the weekend prior to that special delivery
(just realised it took me half a year to actually do that)
cutting out each messages and compiling them based on the names,
put an aircraft-shape paper clip on them (they look like they are flying in the blue sky!)
and started my delivery service early in the morning.

And again, everybody enjoyed it (some had forgotten about it, so it came as a bit of a surprise!). The special messages really made their day & evidently those little blue thing had erased
the blues on their Monday (bad pun huh?).

This was our internal informal emails that day - most of the time really. Read from bottom up.
WARNING : Never argue with me... :P 
As I had it strategised, I had set the mood right - I asked them a small favour later that day
( licik!). Since I had to film a one-minute video as a part of the submission for an application for #maxiswhatsnext postgraduate scholarship (check-out this scholarship offer from Maxis!),
I requested them to be the mannequins in my video!! And some of them gladly obliged.
I was all ready with the script memorised over the weekend and intentionally wore the only baju kurung that is closest to Maxis theme colour that I have (told you I had it all strategised!)!!
Here watch me make my debut. I was soooo grateful for these wonderful & awesome colleagues, Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.
It is an amateur video thus some glitches.
Video was captured using cameraman's iPhone 6, in our office (DCA Airworthiness Sector) corridor. Edited using Adobe Premium Pro, with the help of Wanie & Asyraf.
And minor editing using YouTube Video Editor (why didn't I know about it earlier??)
The soundtrack is my current favourite song - All We Know
by The Chainsmokers Ft. Phoebe Ryan. Minus one by DF Karaoke.

But it was my colleagues involvement that made it special! Maxis please pick me!

And I belanja everyone with a dellish durian cheesecakes as a token of appreciation
(how come they have not tasted this masterpiece??
It's like eating the real creamy durian in a form of a cake, with some cookie crust!).
And oh, did I mentioned it was my birthday?
(most of them didn't know it, well, I intentionally hide it because I hate all the attentions that come with it - typical INTJ, I guess - with exclusion for important people BTW :P
TBH, it was great having to celebrate others on your own birthday!)

Anddddd it all made the best presents for my birthday!
Well, I know I should really grow up, but it all can wait until next year!