My B & a bridge

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Something happened last week and I confided the event to my Blossom & Bubbles
(I'm Buttercup, if you hadn't figured it out yet). No, I'm not gonna elaborate on what had happened, as I shall stick to my principle to not have anything negative documented here.

But I just felt silly for being happy on the encounter (after being pointed out by Bubbles).
I should have been alarm even at an attempt of communication. It has always been one-sided and manipulative. And I was the one who was cursed as such.

Satu je I nak cakap, how any of you came into an agreement
to get me to be a part of it is purely SHAMEFUL.
I guess I didn't take a wrong decision not getting myself involved all these while.
I didn't burn the bridge, I just ignore the maintenance and let it structurally degrades over time,
as it only serves you. Honestly, I'm still at the state of disbelief.
Towards my own feelings and everybody involved.