Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child;
once a week, every week." 

Starting on a new notebook as my 2013's running out of empty space.

It was last 2 years when I saw it on my superior's table  among all other diaries courtesy of our clientele. Was pleased he willingly gave it to me as he had one too many :D

In my class, I was known as someone who had had problems completing my homework that I'd get whipped on multiple occasions and still come with blank pages (which might be completed
under the desk while the teacher is teaching). I hardly compose a weekly essay assignment where I always had a great intro followed by imaginary content in an empty space.
It is so common that as the teacher walked in, the first thing she asked is for me to stand up for a whip, even if I managed to accomplish a good write-up that week and for all those excruciating time, I would like to apologize to my fellow classmates for the terror I put them through.
Trust me, I feel very sorry and not proud of it.

It took months before the PMR for the teachers to convince me - it’s not about the outcome but the commitment and for the teachers to be convinced - not to worry about the outcome.

My essays were made exemplary a couple of times even when I was out of the school.
The habit and exemplar continued to my next school.

So you may guess where I'm standing when it comes to education.

But I was told I’m a perfectionist which I strongly detest.
And Nakisha rephrased “Because for you, it’s all or nothing. Homework specific.
I had to agree.

I realized that I 'might' secretly feel everything that comes out of/through me is a masterpiece... or at least something of 'worth' which shall not be deliberate as routine tasks. This also answers to my cooking, as I am never capable of meeting the routine expectation.

A decade ago, I told Shera my 2nd year pointers had an exponential growth. To which I answered her “How?” question with, “I have a cool notebook and I make sure no blank space for the note of the day! If I missed a point, I’ll strive to fill it up so I don’t miss any!” Literal, yeah I know.

To which she flatly answered, “That issss soooo you...
I know homework don’t apply. But I’m happy for you.

These days, during all-girls meet-ups, I sometimes get
Tak paham betul how you get where you are” followed with
Dulu dia ni malas betul buat homework!” + laughter (minus mine).

It’s ok, that is even better rather than,
Dulu dia ni gedik/perasan/berlagak betul!

p/s: This post shall also justify my 52 weeks project lack of updates :P