Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child;
once a week, every week." 

A380. MH 21 : CDG-KUL

Here I am, 37 000 feet above the ground.
As I'm writing this, a Hospital Pantai cardialogist is sleeping next to me, my cubicle. I seldom express my gratitude in words as I find nothing can describe it. But I had just finished watching Indonesian '9 Summers 10 Autumns', I'm so overwhelmed with feelings,
I should just capture them in my writing.

Despite the feeling of gratefulness that sometimes wash over me, I always find myself taking things lightly for they are not my first time... Though a lot of things impressed me, I sometimes crave for the feeling of naivete. The first experience. The first impression. These days, eventhough they're the first of kind, I find myself hardly taking it in like my first times.

I do not want the feeling to fade with time, with experience, with multiple repetitions. Because the path I'm strolling is not ordinary. I'm impressed. Not with myself. But the path.
And everything along the path.

We always believe and are grateful that we're the chosen ones.
Out of inconvenient circumstances, we are chosen to represent the credibility of the department. And enjoying the privileges that come with it. To hop continents is one thing,
right to experiencing the world through duty travel in business coach FOC.

I've never pictured myself in a corporate world.
I believe I'm not cut for it. It's simply not my thing.
But now I am experiencing the same world under technical capacity.
I know this is out of ordinary. Putting your opinion out in a room full of world class aviation technical experts, talking to them like good old friends, if not your own uncle;
attending corporate meetings and dinners with the important people, if not the bosses.
How can I not be grateful?

If you told me half a decade ago, I would not believe I'd be doing all these. I was even thinking of changing the course of the path into something totally out of the way as in training or teaching.
But I still do train and teach :)

I once saw a primary school friend back home and she was surprised with the field I am in. 
"Your wish came true," she said. 
I forgot how early I started. I only recall the time the whole class validated my dream to be a pilot before being shot down by one of the best RMAF fighter pilot as I was short-sighted.
I was only 15. I decided to be the aircraft engineer instead.

And my path leads me to it. Allah has written it well. Very well. Perfectly tailored to me. 
He has placed me in the best position of its kind.

I have gotten back my perfect eyesight (other post to follow)
and I'm forever grateful I am not a pilot.