Thursday, March 27, 2014

That Monday, I walked into the office not expecting it'd sound that quiet... and deserted,
 when everybody were around (this normally happens when most of the officers are on duty travel, but it wasn't). It was a grave silence. 

We were literally mourning only after 48 hours. 
It's not like we stopped having hopes.
But our technical capacity tells us anything beyond it is miracle.

I walked to the pantry, a place where we can talk technical issues informally and throw stupid questions without being judged. It's like our kedai kopi. An info-cultured kedai kopi cum informal meeting room where everybody talk, everybody listen, everybody learn. 

There were the frequent participants but it was strangely quiet, conversations were made in low tone voices. It's almost like everybody was whispering. Overheard our Deputy Director who is a 'maintenance' subject matter expert (SME) threw questions to our avionics SME on equipment installation, accessibility and control etc. Here, we know we are not the expert of everything. And we acknowledge the fact that somebody else may know more than we do.
We seek information and facts. But not truth. Truth is not within our workscope.

It never fails to amaze me when non-experts dare to open their mouth and blabber.
My benchmark are all these experienced aviation experts around me who would rather keep quiet for they know that they do not know the extent of the situation for them to speak up.
So those of you who keep talking, what do you want? To get to the truth? Like seriously?
Just by talking and posting on FB and spreading things on Whatsapp? Who are you? Next-of-kin? Will truth do you good, change the your life?

It has changed our life.
It has changed Malaysia.
It has changed the history.

Not only we should accept that it has happened, The All-Knowing let it happened.
Given the current situation, it is so hard to get to  the information and facts.
And therefore, the truth.
The All-Knowing will lead us there.

We have to practice more to be practicing.

It has became more quiet and deserted since then
now they're (SMEs) on site supporting the Director General.

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