Monday, March 31, 2014

"A photograph of what I'm grateful for/my child;
once a week, every week." 

When that someone hug you so tight,
all your broken pieces will stick back together.

So he left yet again...
Yes, I'm saying he's back then he's gone.

I'd say when he returned last fortnight, I wanted him all for myself.
It's like he's gotta make up for all the lost time we've been away.
Two and a half month with 4 days break in between,
I don't think I can tolerate longer than that.

But who am I kidding. He's been away from everybody
and he's gotta make up for everything! In a mere 10 days.

I wanted to fill it up with good ol' 'quality time'
but there were too many things and too little time.
Tried squeezing in things each and everyday left us (ehem me)
with huge brimming bubble of frustation... that popped couple of times
with downpour of tears for absolutely ridiculous reasons.

But he fixed it with ice cream treat, all ears to a long
deep conversation by the roadside.
He just knows his wife too well and I'm all cured.

He's just away and he's not around.
That - does not make him absent.