Tahi lalat di ibu jari kaki

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ha kau, tajuk. Haha.
Ok la, better than "Uluit... Uluit tapak kakai!!" :P

Today I nak cakap pasal empowerment. Apa kaitan dengan tahi lalat? Dan kaki?

When I was young, my own makcik-makcik and the rest in the kampung would say to me -
Jauh jalan ni besar nanti... (repeatedly!)
Just because I have a tahi lalat di ibu jari kaki sebelah kanan.
It is bigger than normal tahi lalat but it is not even a tahi lalat hidup.
Whoever say that nowadays? Ada lagi ke orang read people fate with moles?

I however, grew up believing in that particular potential.
Of being away. But not exactly wonderlusting. Just away.
This was in November 2015.

So when I first flew off for my industrial attachment (practical training) in Kuching
at the end of my 3rd year degree program, I knew I'd be doing more of it.
I had 5 flights in total for a stretch of two months and a half. Twice in Boeing,
twice in 19 pax turbo-prop to & fro Miri (there was only 3 of us onboard =D)
and once on VIP helicopter hovering Kuching city.

BUT I also knew I do not want that kind of life on daily basis (aircraft maintenance engineer,
flight engineer) because honestly, flying is not something I'm really into, unless I really have to.

Coming back, I knew I do not want to work in a hangar too and I wanna be in an air-conditioned office, but I also want to have certain physical engagement with the flying machine.
Never knew such work existed.

Thus it became so real when I was employed by Honeywell Aerospace (M) where I get to sit in an air-conditioned office in an aircraft engine workshop. Getting my first passport, being sent out to foreign land for multiple times (Singapore je pon - to our parent company)
and Japan for some meeting (alone!).

Whenever I'm away, it always ring me.
The statement from makcik-makcik seems to be more like a prayer that I believed in.
How such a simple statement had unintentionally planted a seed in my mind.
How the empowerment was done right without even realising.
It might not be the tahi lalat (or it could have been a sign).

It's about how important conscious & unconscious empowerment done around us.
What kind of seed we are planting in our children or community.
Be it good or bad, it is us who decide.

Once I'm done with my Master (if I got the scholarship),
I think I'm going after a PhD. Just to see how far it gets me.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has a JV with Singapore Aviation Academy,
and the course is available online (with minimal campus residency)!
All in all, it is in Allah's decree.

Jauh nak jalan ni...