It feels like cheating...

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Yeah, I have to admit, honestly, posting a blog entry by extracting quotes, parading images;
just for the sake of posting, without really writing; does feel like cheating.

No, I'm not gonna give any excuses on how occupied or busy or eventful or demanding; motherhood, marriage, job, life as a whole; currently are because I know I would be lying
if I say any of those things. I honestly questioned myself the same thing but I have to admit
none of those is the answer.

(Via Pinterest)
Yes, I think all of us should.
Or not, if you truly are... ;)

Therefore I have to say: I chose not to write, I chose to live offline (although not completely...). And no I'm not going to blame my mood either... It's like telling myself, "Yes, I do need this detox." And hell yeah, it does feel so damn good. It's like I'm making a point to myself that all the online part of me is not alive nor it is an extension of myself. I want/have to be able to live without it. 
I think I succeeded somewhere in between the lines.

However, whenever I read good entries or postings, bila membaca tulisan-tulisan yang ikhlas, yang bermakna, yang berjiwa... rasa nak pecah dada rasa nak menulis juga... But I want to be conscious in my writing. Conscious with my messages, conscious with my feelings.

Because there are so many things going inside me, inside my head that need to be pen down,
for myself, mostly. I need a reminder for myself in the first place, and an outlet so I would
at least stop thinking about it (or stop thinking about writing about it...).

Am definitely doing this for myself.